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Research and development support unit

"R & D Research exchange and research development."

  • Promoting Joint Research through Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration to Create New Technologies and Industries.
  • By launching R&D projects through industry-academia-government collaboration and supporting research and development with the aim of commercialization, we aim to create new technologies and products, hoping to promote regional industry.
  • By making use of the industry-university coordinator commissioned by the IST and coordinating companies and universities aiming to develop new technologies with the seeds of new research, as well as making active use of the IST’s R&D FS projects and other public offering businesses proposed by the national government or others, we can accelerate the creation of these new technologies and products.

Support content

  • 1.Industry-academia coordination program
  • To match corporate needs with technology “seeds” from universities, an Industry-Academia Coordinator is assigned to construct joint R&D projects aimed at the creation of new industries.


  • 2.IST R&D FS Project
  • In this FS project, we have established a “Seeds Nurturing Framework,” for investigating the possibilities of expansion to R&D projects, and a “Commercialization Testing Framework,” for investigating the possibilities of practical application or commercialization, outsourcing research and development to research teams formed from local companies. The aim is to expand into research projects on practical application and develop new products and technologies.


  • 3.Leverage of national or other funds
  • We propose research and development that contributes to increasing the level of core technologies for manufacturing in small to medium enterprises, and provide project management for these R&D projects.
  • As a project management agency, we study the opinions of committee members and the IST Secretariat, providing appropriate progress management for projects in regard to brushing up proposals or on the progress of research following adoption.


  • 4.Science and Technology Exchange Program
  • ① Holding science and technology forums and research seminars
  • We hold forums themed around science and technology, and seminars dealing with cutting-edge or unique research, for those in charge of development in companies or researchers within the prefecture.
  • ② Providing information
  • We aim to provide timely information through our website and email magazine as a way to promote cooperation and support for activities by groups in various fields, as well as participation in foundations by prefectural researchers.