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Organic light electronics

  • We are accelerating the practical application of organic light electronics, working to match company needs with advanced research seeds.


Organic light electronics implementation development center
(5-14 Kyudai-Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-city)


  • The Center was opened in April 2013 with the aim of industrializing the organic light electronics research field. Through links with Kyushu University’s OPERA, which carries out basic research, we carry out joint research with companies with an eye to commercialization, and actively proposing matters to national and other public offering businesses, carrying out a number of joint researches through industry-academia-government collaboration.
  • Specifically, we are using the world’s most advanced organic EL light-emitting material (no rare metals, high efficiency, low cost), created by Kyushu University and other institutions, to conduct practical research into its commercialization in the form of displays, lighting, solar cells, and so on.

Support details

  • 1.Joint commercialization (bridging) research for world’s most advanced materials through industry-academia-government collaboration
  • On a foundation of “research seeds” from universities and other institutions, we conduct joint research with companies with an eye to practical application, actively making proposals to national and other public offering businesses, and carrying out joint research into practical applications through industry-academia-government collaboration.


  • 2.Promoting entrance by local companies into the organic light electronics field
  • We will hold the Organic Light Electronics Industrialization Study Group as a forum to provide information and exchange opinions, with the goal of fostering and promoting the entrance of local companies into the organic light electronics field. In addition, we will also hold organic light electronics study sessions with local companies as a way for them to explore ways to expand their businesses into wider fields.


  • 3.Links with Kyushu University’s OPERA, Fukuoka City’s ISIT, and Kumamoto Prefecture’s Phoenics
  • We are working on effective initiatives for commercialization, drawing on the organizational strength of our broad-based links covering four sites in northern Kyushu, starting with Kyushu University’s OPERA. In this, OPERA is responsible for basic research, ISIT in Fukuoka for applied research, i3-OPERA for commercialization R&D, and Phoenics in Kumamoto for manufacturing equipment R&D.