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Robot System Development

  • Fukuoka Prefecture is moving forward with the “Silicon Sea Belt (SSB) Fukuoka Project,” by making full use of the regional potentials, the intellectual resources of universities and institutions, the semiconductor and automotive cluster of companies.
    The SSB Project is aiming to create an advanced semi-conductor development hub in the world’s biggest semi-conductor industry and consumption area, the “Silicon Sea Belt” that links Kyushu, South Korea, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore and others.


  • This Foundation is undertaking the following initiatives in order to further develop the Silicon Sea Belt (SSB) Fukuoka Project.

1. Research and Development, and commercialization support.

  • ・Implementation of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program (Strengthened Global Competitiveness Region)
  • ・Implementation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program
  • ・Implementation of the Advanced Semiconductor-Related Product Development Support Project

2. Human Resource Development

  • ・Training of semiconductor technicians by the College of System LSI, Fukuoka

3. Venture training and support

  • ・The support by Advanced Semiconductor Design Center
  • ・The support by Research Center for the Three-Dimensional Semiconductors
  • ・The support by Experimental Center for Social System Technologies

4. Promotion of cooperation and exchange

  • ・Promotion of cooperation and exchange with domestic and foreign cluster